AMA Master Breeder Progragm

Master Breeder                             AMA               NPA

Larry Pridmore                               1998                2009
Steve Bieberich                              2008
Rick Tucker                                     2008                2010

The member seeking to be certified by the AMA, as a "Master Breeder" of the Mookee Pigeon must meet these qualifications:
1. Have been a member in good standing of the AMA, for a period for not less than 5 years prior to application and have shown Mookees for 5 years.

2. The honor of "Master Breeder," is open to all senior members, who accumulate one thousand points [1,000] in AMA sanctioned events, it is the AMA intent to bestow this high honor to those individuals that truly are Master Breeders of the Club.
a) Within this 1,000 points, there must be [5] Champions or Reserves, in district meet or higher, and [3] of these wins
must be National meet level [NPA National show or NYBS the National Young Bird Show].

3. Points will be awarded only to Mookees bred and shown by the individual seeking this "Master Breeders Certificate".
a) Points are to be recorded by the Secretary, and each individual is responsible to keep his own points. Show
reports will be required with the number of birds in each class and total birds in show should be sent in by the
district director, member in charge of show, or any member working on his Master Breeders Certificate.
b) Only birds with AMA or NPA bands will be eligible to receive M.B. Points.
c) No split band birds will be eligible for M.B. Points.
d) Only AMA sanctioned meets will be eligible for any M.B. Points.
e) Must be 2 exhibitors per meet to receive M.B. Points.

NPA Grand National
[NYBS] National Young Bird Show

3 District meets in each district.

(1) one point for each bird best in show
1st reserve champion
(1) one point for each bird best in show
2nd reserve champion
(1) one point for each bird best in show
Best of color class
(1) one point for each bird best in class
Best age/sex class
(1) one point for each bird beat in class

Each bird can only receive one set of points per show.

Mookee Judging: each individual who chooses to judge can collect up to 250 points

[1 point for each bird judged up to 250 birds]

6. The individual who completes the above requirements will turn in his points to the Vice President, in turn the Vice President will review and forward this information to the Executive Committee. When approved will receive his Master Breeders Certificate than will be forwarded with all information to the NPA for consideration for NPA Master Breeder Award.

7. Points will be awarded from the conception of the AMA. All points must be verified with all the above Qualifications.