Constitution and By Laws

Section 1. This Club shall be known as the American Mookee Association or the AMA.
Section 1. The purpose of this club is to promote the Mookee and it's members.
Section 2. To promote sportsmanship, fair competition, and friendship to all Mookee breeders, and to encourage other Mookee breeders to join the AMA.
Section 3. To affiliate with the National Pigeon Association (NPA)
Section 4. To have qualified judges, that respect and understand the AMA standard.
Section 5. To assist and advise juniors and novice members, as well as non members.
Section 6. It Is the purpose of this organization to develop Mookees in all colors and patterns to be the best in all of exhibition breeds.
Section 1. Membership to the AMA is open to anyone with good character, and may become a member upon payment of the set dues, and agreeing to comply with this constitution and by-laws.
Section 2. It is not required to own or show Mookees to join the AMA.
Section 3. Dues are $10.00 per year for adults (18 years old and older), receiving 1 vote.
Section 4. Family dues are $15.00 per year, receiving only 1 vote
Section 5. Junior dues are $5.00 per year, (under the age of 18), receiving 1 vote.
Section 6. Dues will be due the 1st of January, of each year, with two (2) month grace period before cancellation of club membership.
Section 7. Voting age will be 10 years old or older. Each paid member has the right to vote, as long as he/she has been a member for at least thirty (30) days.
Section 8. Organizational Member: any local or other organization devoted to the Mookee breed, can become a member and receives only 1 vote.
Section 1. If dues are not paid after grace period, your membership will automatically be terminated, no exceptions. Members in arrears shall not be entitled to vote or receive bulletins offered by club.
Section 2. Membership can also be terminated by a dishonorable act. In the case of a dishonorable act, any member on the board of Directors can be notified by the offended party. The case will be reviewed by the board and the district director of that district. Both parties will have a chance to state their side. And in a reasonable amount of time (approximately 30 days)will be allowed for restitution of monetary reimbursement. After that time period the dishonorable party can be banned from the club for life, or stated amount of time.
Section 1. The officers of the AMA shall consist of: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Publicity Director, Election Commissioner, seven (7) District Directors and a Standard Revision Committee.
Section 2. The Board of Directors shall include the President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Publicity Director, the seven (7) District Directors, and the immediate past President.
Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the AMA.
Section 2. Appoint all committees not otherwise provided for.
Section 3. Fill all vacancies in office taking place between elections.
Section 4. He/she shall sign all documents requiring his/her signature.
Section 5. Certify the Election Commissioners reports.
Section 6. Perform all other duties pertaining to his/her office.
Section 7. He/she shall provide the Secretary/Treasurer with a Presidents Message for each issue of the Bulletin.
Section 8. At the first of the year, set goals and give direction for the AMA and it's members for the coming year.
Section 1. The immediate past President shall be President of the Board of Directors, and have an equal vote with the other members of the Board.
Section 2. If the Past President has resigned, or declines, the post goes to the President currently holding office.
Section 1. In the absence of the President from a meeting, or in case of his inability to act at any time, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President.
Section 2. In case of death or resignation, the Vice President shall succeed to the office of President.
Section 1. The Publicity Director shall be responsible for publicizing the AMA and it's activities in all pigeon publications.
Section 2. He shall also provide the Secretary/Treasurer with material for the club bulletins.
Section 1. The Secretary/Treasurer shall conduct the correspondence of the club, keep all records of meetings.
A. Be custodian of all books, newsletters, papers, and other records belonging to the AMA.
Section 2. He/She shall keep books and records as necessary.
A. The amount of money received and disbursed.
A complete list of names and addresses of all current members.
Section 3. He/She shall be prepared to give an annual report, including receipts and expenditures of the AMA transactions for the current year at the annual meeting and any recommendations for the future welfare of the AMA.
Section 4. Is responsible and is the show superintendent for the National (NPA) Show and the AMA National Young Bird Show in conjunction with the Louisville, KY show.
Section 5. If the Secretary can't make it for any reason, he/she can appoint a member to be in charge of this show. This person could be District Director, or any Member in good standing.
Section 6. The Secretary shall put out a Bulletin in every quarter of the year.
Section 1. The Election Commissioner shall receive and count the ballots sent out by the Secretary/Treasurer and tally only the ballots that are signed by AMA members in good standing. Ballots should be sent to the President for approval, signed for verification, then sent to the Secretary for record keeping and the results put into the Bulletin.
Section 2. Only votes on official ballots, or on paper easily read by the Election Commissioner will be tallied. Ballots must be signed by the voting member to be official. (In case member does not want to destroy their copy of the bulletin.)
Section 1. The Standard Revision Committee shall have charge of all matters pertaining to proposed changes or revisions in the accepted Mookee Standard. It shall be responsible for editing all text matter and illustrations and and arrangement of technical form and expressions.
Section 2. All members shall be encouraged to submit suggestions and recommendations for any desired change in the standard that they believe will be for the welfare and advancement of the Mookee and ultimate breed improvement. All such recommendations shall be forwarded to the Chairman of the Standard Revision Committee at least six (6) months in advance of the annual club meeting.
Section 3. The Committee shall carefully consider all recommendations received and make a complete report through the Chairman to the Secretary for publication in the bulletin, with a ballot for voting included.
Section 4. No change to the Standard can be effected, without a vote of the membership.
Section 1. The Directors shall perform such duties in their respective districts as are assigned to them from time to time by the President.
Section 2. The Director is responsible for and shall designate the place in their District where the District Meet shall be held.
A. Select and use the Show Pay-back premiums for awards, and if needed, have the AMA
Secretary assist with monies to help build District Membership. (If approved by the Board of Directors.)
B. Shall assist in affiliated AMA shows and AMA Annual shows.
Section 3. Shall encourage membership and membership activities.
Section 4. Upon request, they are to report to the President, the general conditions existing in their District.
A. If for any reason membership drops, or there is no activity (Such as no AMA sanctioned meets)
a meeting of the Board of Directors may be needed to intervene, to revive the District.
Section 5. They shall have no appointive powers, but their recommendations shall be carefully considered by the President.
Section 6. When a District Director is unable to attend the Annual meeting of the Board of Directors they may, by letter to the President prior to the meeting, designate another member (in good standing) from their District to act in their place.
Section 7. Will keep the AMA membership informed with news and views from their District in each quarterly Bulletin.
Section 8. Make timely reports for all AMA sanctioned shows in their District.
Section 1. Officers may be elected or appointed in the following manner:
A. All officers shall be elected by a mail ballot, to be conducted by the Secretary and the Election
Commissioner, and the results to be certified by the President as provided for in the by-laws.
Section 2. The judges for the Annual Shows shall be elected by mail ballot, to be conducted in accordance with the procedure for electing officers. One Judge shall be elected, with a second Judge elected as an alternate. Should a third Judge be needed, they shall be elected by a committee of three (3) members present at the show. Panel Judging will always be an option.
Section 3. Nomination ballots with the return date, will be sent out in the winter/spring from the Secretary, and will be returned to the Secretary. Date will be printed clearly on the nomination sheet, (no late Nomination will be honored. All late nominations will be returned to sender). By no later than July 1, voting ballots will be sent to each member in good standing. Voting ballots will be returned to the Election Commissioner for counting and verification within 15 days.
A. In case of ties, a second ballot will be sent out by the Secretary for run-off, with 10 day voting
period, printed clearly on ballot.
B. All voting will be published in the Newsletter before the Annual Meeting and installation of new
Section 4. The President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Publicity Director, Election Commissioner, and seven (7) District Directors shall be elected every two (2) years.
A. The President, Election Commissioner, and four (4) District Directors in Districts #2, #4, #6,
and #7, being elected in even years. (Taking office in odd years.)
B. The Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Publicity Director, and three (3) District Directors in
Districts #1, #3, and #5 being elected in odd numbered years. (Taking office in even years.)
C. The above officers shall only be able to serve for two (2) consecutive terms, with the exception of
the Secretary/Treasurer and the Publicity Director. Due to the nature of their respective jobs.
Section 5. The President, Vice-President, Publicity Director, and Secretary/Treasurer, shall be elected by the members at large. The seven (7) District Directors shall be elected by the } members who reside in their district.
Districts are as follows:
District # 1: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.
District # 2: Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.
District # 3: Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa.
District # 4: Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.
District # 5: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.
District # 6: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.
District # 7: Canada
Section 1. The AMA may issue Master Breeders Certificates, limited to one issued per year, to individual members whose skill and ability as a breeder enables them to produce Mookees of outstanding quality that win highest honors each year at well known American shows. Producing Mookees of uniform quality over a period of years that help improve the Breed and advance the popularity of the Mookee shall be given full consideration.
Section 2. No one is eligible for a Master Breeders Certificate unless he/she has bred Mookees and held membership in the AMA for at least 10 years.
Section 3. The President shall appoint a committee of three members, who shall make a careful appraisal of the background, breeding accomplishments, and show record of the member who may be qualified for the award.
Section 4. The Committee should submit any names to the President for his review. The President will then forward the name to the Secretary for his/her announcement in the Newsletter.
Section 1. No Officer, Individual, or Committee shall render the Club liable to an amount exceeding its appropriation made at the Annual Meeting or approved by the Board. No Officers or Member of the AMA shall be personally liable for any official debt of the AMA.
Section 1. The date, time, and place of the annual AMA Meeting will be published in the Newsletter. The Annual Meeting which is presently at the Louisville Young Bird Show. The meeting place will be determined by a majority vote of the Board.
Section 1. Unless otherwise provided by two-thirds vote of the members present, the order of business at the Annual Meeting shall be as follows:
A. Roll call
B. Report of President
C. Report of Secretary
D. Unfinished business
E. Induction of new officers
F. New business
G. Discussion
H. Adjournment
Section 2. Robert's Rule of Order presides.
Section 1. The Constitution and By-Laws may only be altered or amended by two-thirds majority vote of all members voting, said amendments having been given to the members by the Secretary ninety (90) days in advance of the vote.